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How Arborists Climb Trees

How Arborists Climb Trees

Climbing trees is a fundamental part of an arborist's job—whether for pruning, inspection, or removal. Arborists use specialized climbing techniques and equipment to ascend trees safely and efficiently. Understanding how arborists climb trees can provide insight into the complexity and skill involved in professional tree care, especially in managing the towering trees of Colorado.

Techniques Arborists Use to Climb Trees

  • Single Rope Technique (SRT): This method involves using a single rope secured at a high point on the tree, typically around a strong limb or the trunk itself. The arborist uses mechanical ascenders and descenders to climb up and down the rope, allowing for a direct and controlled ascent and descent.

  • Double Rope Technique (DRT): Also known as Moving Rope System (MRS), this technique uses two ropes—one as a main line and the other as a safety line. The ropes are looped over a branch, with the climber moving up by alternately advancing each rope. This method provides stability and reduces the strain on any single point of the tree.

  • Spikes (Spurs): For removals or when pruning dead trees where no harm can be done to the tree’s health, arborists may use spikes. These are metal spikes strapped to the climber’s legs, allowing them to step directly into the tree's trunk. This method is quick but can damage the tree and is not used for general pruning or health care.

Essential Climbing Equipment

  • Harnesses: Arborists wear specialized harnesses that distribute weight evenly, making climbing more comfortable and safer. These harnesses are equipped with multiple attachment points for ropes, tools, and safety lines.

  • Ropes: High-quality, durable ropes are crucial for tree climbing. Arborists use static ropes (for SRT) that do not stretch under tension, providing a stable climb.

  • Helmets: Safety is paramount, and a helmet is essential to protect against falling branches, sudden movements, or if a fall occurs.

  • Carabiners and Pulleys: These tools are used to manage ropes and equipment, helping arborists ascend and descend smoothly and efficiently.

  • Mechanical Ascenders and Descenders: These devices attach to the ropes and help the climber move up and down with minimal effort. They lock in place to prevent slipping.

Safety Measures and Precautions

  • Pre-Climb Inspection: Before climbing, arborists perform a thorough inspection of the tree and their equipment to identify potential hazards.

  • Communication: Arborists often work as a team, especially on complex climbs, maintaining constant communication to monitor safety and progress.

  • Emergency Prep: Arborists are trained in emergency descent and rescue procedures, ensuring they can get themselves or a colleague down safely in case of an accident.

Why Choose Professional Arborists for Tree Climbing

Climbing trees, especially large ones, can be hazardous. Professional arborists are trained in the latest techniques and use the best equipment to ensure safe, effective tree care. At Evolve Tree Experts, our arborists are experienced climbers who understand the nuances of tree anatomy and the local environment. This expertise not only allows for effective tree care but also ensures the safety of all involved. Professional arborists also ensure compliance with all local health and safety regulations, which is crucial in preventing legal issues and potential fines. Additionally, they can assess tree health accurately and provide maintenance that prevents future problems, ultimately saving you money and preserving the natural beauty of your property.


Tree climbing is an intricate and critical task that should only be performed by trained professionals. If you need tree care services, including pruning, inspection, or removal, consider hiring a professional arborist who can safely and efficiently perform the job. At Evolve Tree Experts, we’re committed to providing top-tier tree care services with a focus on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. Read our 5-star Reviews on Google. Contact us to learn how we can help you manage the trees on your property safely and effectively. Discover why our clients trust us with their most challenging tree care needs and continue to rate us with 5-star reviews. Choose Evolve Tree Experts for reliable and professional arborist services in Colorado.

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