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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Updated: Jan 31

In the diverse landscapes of Colorado, figuring out the cost of tree removal isn't always as simple as it might seem. At Evolve Tree Experts, we understand this from both a professional and consumer perspective. We're not like the big names such as Davey or Swingle; we're consumers just like you, navigating through a world filled with advertising and complex pricing. That's why we want to be upfront about tree removal costs. They can vary widely, ranging from $250 for straightforward jobs to as much as $6,000 for more challenging situations. This guide is our way of bringing clarity to you about the factors affecting tree removal costs in Colorado, helping you make informed choices without any hidden surprises.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

Factors Affecting Tree Removal Costs

  • Tree Size: The size of the tree is a primary determinant of the removal cost. Larger trees require more time, effort, and equipment, making their removal more expensive. Smaller trees are generally more affordable to remove.

  • Tree Location: The proximity of the tree to structures, power lines, or other obstacles can impact the cost. Trees situated in confined spaces or close to buildings often require more careful and precise removal techniques, which can increase the overall cost. Some trees, like the Blue Spruce, are often used as ornamental trees in hard-to-reach locations, which may complicate removal and increase costs.

  • Complexity of the Job: The complexity of the tree removal job also influences the price. Trees with multiple branches, extensive root systems, or those that are in poor health may require additional effort and resources for safe removal. Certain species might be protected or have specific regulations regarding their removal, which can add to the cost. For instance, removing a historic or significant tree like a large, old Oak in Denver might require special permits or additional steps to comply with local regulations.

  • Emergency Removal: If a tree poses an immediate threat due to storm damage or other emergencies, the urgency of the situation can affect the cost. Emergency tree removals may incur higher fees.

In addition to these factors, the species of a tree can significantly affect the cost of its removal due to various factors intrinsic to each type of tree. Let's look at what we consider in relation to different tree species commonly found in Denver:

  • Size and Growth Habits: Different tree species grow to different sizes and have varying growth habits. For example, a large Cottonwood, which can grow very tall and wide, would typically cost more to remove than a smaller tree like a Crabapple due to the sheer amount of work and equipment needed.

  • Wood Density: The density of the wood is another factor. Dense wood, like that of Oak trees, requires more effort to cut through compared to softer wood species like Pines. This can make the removal process longer and more labor-intensive, thus more costly.

  • Complex Root Systems: Some trees, like Elms or Silver Maples, have extensive root systems that can make removal more complicated, especially if they're entangled with underground utilities or building foundations.

  • Tree Health and Stability: Species prone to certain diseases or pests may present additional challenges. For example, Ash trees affected by the Emerald Ash Borer might be weaker and require special handling to ensure safety during removal, potentially increasing the cost.

Price Clarity

At Evolve Tree Experts, we believe in price clarity. We offer precise and straightforward cost estimates, individually crafted for every tree removal project. Our experienced arborists assess the tree and its surroundings to provide you with an accurate quote. You can trust that our pricing structure leaves no room for hidden fees or unexpected surprises.

Regular Maintenance to Avoid Removal Costs

While tree removal is sometimes necessary, investing in regular tree maintenance can often prevent the need for removal in the first place. Pruning, pest control, and health assessments can help maintain the health and stability of your trees, preserving the beauty of your Colorado landscape while avoiding the costs associated with removal.


Understanding the factors that affect tree removal costs is the first step in making informed decisions about your tree service needs in Colorado. At Evolve Tree Experts, we believe in clear pricing. We provide honest cost estimates tailored to each unique tree removal project. Our commitment to safety, expertise, and responsible tree care ensures that your tree removal experience is hassle-free and affordable.

If you require tree removal or a professional assessment in Colorado, we invite you to contact us for a consultation. Our team of experts is here to assist you in maintaining the beauty and safety of your outdoor spaces while ensuring your tree service needs are met with professionalism and integrity. Read our 5 star Reviews on Google. When it comes to tree removal costs in Colorado, count on Evolve Tree Experts for transparent and reliable service.

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